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Union Council Elections 2012
by Rich Goodman - Friday, 19 October 2012, 03:16 PM



Union Council is the highest student representative body at the Students Union. There are 65 positions, open to all students studying at Loughborough University, to represent 300 of their peers making important decisions at fortnightly meetings which guide how the Students Union is run. From upholding discipline to organising and running annual elections, Union Council puts you right at the heart of Loughborough Students Union, one of the best of its kind nationally!

Councillors are elected through their departments and the 65 positions are proportionally split across the 20 departments based on their size. Have a look how many positions are available for your department here: http://www.lufbra.net/democracy/council/councillors/

Union Council will provide you with some great skills, a unique experience and something fantastic to add to your CV. To find out more visit: http://www.lufbra.net/democracy/shine/unioncouncil and read the Information Pack which should answer all of your questions. If you have an further questions email the returning officer, councilchair@lufbra.net

Nominations open on Monday, nominating yourself is quick and easy to do, this video will walk you through how to sign up: