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Learn rollover information
by Rich Goodman - Tuesday, 3 July 2012, 04:58 PM

Learn will be rolled over this year on the 23rd and 24th of July.


Before that date we require a list of modules that you wish to remain active over the summer. If you need to add new content to an 11 module after 23rd July, you need to request that it remains active. If you are concerned about SAP students being able to access material, there is no need to worry. Any student already registered for an 11 module will continue to have access to the module after the rollover. These modules do not need to remain active, unless you will wish to add new content to them after the rollover date.


The list of modules to remain active is available on the Learn Staff Room.


If the module codes that you wish to remain active are not already on this list please e-mail Learn@lboro.ac.uk with the module code(s) that you would like to remain active in the archive.


Further information about the rollover process below.

Every summer Learn is rolled over to the next academic year. The rollover process archives the current year’s modules and the next year’s modules become available for editing. Following a decision by the E-Learning Advisory Group, all module content in the 12 version of the module will be hidden from students by default but available to tutors for updating and editing. It is the tutor’s responsibility to access their Learn modules prior to the start of the module to review and activate their content.


Your module content will still be there, and you do not need to rebuild your module pages.


If you have any further questions regarding rollover, please e-mail Learn@lboro.ac.uk