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12DSP701 - Approaches to ResearchInformation
12DSP703 - Final Project: Rehearsal and Approaches to Professional PracticeInformation
12DSP704 - Enquiry and DevelopmentInformation
12DSP801 - Advanced Methods and Tools for Sustainable DesignInformation
12DSP802 - Design for Sustainable BehaviourInformation
12DSP810 - Enterprise, Business and SustainabilityInformation
12DSP811 - Cross Disciplinary Group ProjectInformation
12DSP821 - New Product DevelopmentInformation
12DSP831 - Experience DesignInformation
12DSP832 - Software Development Tools & MethodsInformation
12DSP833 - Interactive Products and PrototypingInformation
12DSP851 - Design Research MethodsInformation
12DSP852 - Industrial Design SkillsInformation
12DSP853 - Inclusive DesignInformation
12DSP855 - Industrial Design Workshop SkillsInformation
12DSP855_2 - Industrial Design Workshop SkillsInformation
12DSP856 - Business & Brand 1Information
12DSP857 - Professional Design PracticeInformation
12DSP858 - Project DefinitionInformation
12DSP859 - Industrial Design Major ProjectInformation
12DSP860 - Sustainable DesignInformation
12DSP861 - Design PracticeInformation
12DSP862 - Business & Brand 2Information
12DSP863 - Major Project Research and FeasibilityInformation
12DSP864 - User-centred Product Design Major ProjectInformation
12DSP865 - Sustainable Design Major ProjectInformation
12DSP866 - Interaction Design Major ProjectInformation
12DSP867 - Product Design in Business Major ProjectInformation
12DSP900 - General Professional StudiesInformation
12DSP900_2 - General Professional StudiesInformation
12DSP901 - Professional Studies (D & T) 1Information
12DSP902 - Practical Teaching (D & T) 1Information
12DSP903 - Professional Studies (D & T) 2Information
12DSP904 - Practical Teaching (D & T) 2Information
12DSP905 - Professional Studies (Science) 1Information
12DSP906 - Practical Teaching (Science) 1Information
12DSP906_2 - Practical Teaching (Science) 1Information
12DSP907 - Professional Studies (Science) 2Information
12DSP908 - Practical Teaching (Science) 2Information
12DSP909 - Research into Teaching and LearningInformation
12DSP910 - Teaching Design and Technology Research ProjectInformation
12DSP911 - Teaching Science Research ProjectInformation
12DSP913 - The NQT Year and Induction (Design and Technology)Information
12DSP914 - Advancing Pedagogic Knowledge in Design & TechnologyInformation
12DSP915 - Advancing Pedagogic Knowledge in ScienceInformation
12DSP916 - Teaching Design and Technology Research ProjectInformation
12DSP917 - Teaching Science Research ProjectInformation
12DSP918 - The NQT Year and Induction (Science)Information
12DSZ001 - 2D & 3D Visualisation
12DSZ002 - East Park Design Centre