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12CVP253 - Data Collection, Analysis and ResearchInformation
12CVP257 - Wastewater TreatmentInformation
12CVP258 - Urban InfrastructureInformation
12CVP262 - Environmental AssessmentInformation
12CVP265 - Water for Low-Income CommunitiesInformation
12CVP268 - Integrated Water Resources ManagementInformation
12CVP269 - Solid Waste ManagementInformation
12CVP272 - Low Cost SanitationInformation
12CVP273 - Water Utilities ManagementInformation
12CVP278 - Case StudyInformation
12CVP280 - Emergencies, Management and PeopleInformation
12CVP281 - Emergency Water SupplyInformation
12CVP282 - Emergency SanitationInformation
12CVP283 - Introduction to Infrastructure in EmergenciesInformation
12CVP290 - Short Project - Research AppreciationInformation
12CVP292 - Individual Research ProjectInformation
12CVP292_2 - Individual Research ProjectInformation
12CVP293 - Individual Research ProjectInformation
12CVP295 - Individual Research ProjectInformation
12CVP296 - Individual Research ProjectInformation
12CVP297 - Individual Research ProjectInformation
12CVP298 - Individual Research ProjectInformation
12CVP301 - Thermodynamics Heat Transfer and Fluid FlowInformation
12CVP302 - Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air QualityInformation
12CVP303 - Building Energy ConsumptionInformation
12CVP304 - Renewable Energy and Low Carbon TechnologiesInformation
12CVP305 - Building Thermal Loads and SystemsInformation
12CVP306 - Building Energy Supply SystemsInformation
12CVP307 - Building Control and CommissioningInformation
12CVP308 - Concept DesignInformation
12CVP309 - Low Carbon Building DesignInformation
12CVP310 - Advanced Thermal ModellingInformation
12CVP311 - Advanced Airflow ModellingInformation
12CVP312 - Advanced Lighting ModellingInformation
12CVP313 - Research Dissertation: Building EnergyInformation
12CVP314 - Energy Demand in ContextInformation
12CVP315 - Energy Systems and ModelsInformation
12CVP316 - Energy Theory, Measurement and InterpretationInformation
12CVP317 - Energy Demand: Society Economics and PolicyInformation
12CVP318 - Energy Demand Studies: Research DissertationInformation
12CVP320 - ICT for Construction ProjectsInformation
12CVP321 - Research and CommunicationInformation
12CVP322 - Principles of Design and ConstructionInformation
12CVP323 - Principles of Project ManagementInformation
12CVP324 - Design ManagementInformation
12CVP325 - Sustainability in the Built EnvironmentInformation
12CVP326 - Management of Construction ProcessesInformation
12CVP328 - Strategic Management for ConstructionInformation
12CVP329 - People and TeamsInformation
12CVP330 - Procurement and Contract ProcedureInformation

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