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12CMI001 - Industrial Training Placement (DIS, non credit bearing)Information
12CMI002 - Diploma in International Studies Placement (DIntS, non credit-bearing)Information
12CMI003 - Diploma in Professional Studies Placement (DPS, non credit bearing)Information
12CMP015 - Research MethodsInformation
12CMP016 - Professional Development ProjectInformation
12CMP040 - Environmental AnalysisInformation
12CMP041 - Materials AnalysisInformation
12CMP043 - Pharmacokinetics and Drug MetabolismInformation
12CMP044 - Drug Presentation & Product EvaluationInformation
12CMP045 - Drugs: Targets and ActionInformation
12CMP046 - Drug Design & SynthesisInformation
12CMP047 - DissertationInformation
12CMP048 - Introduction to ProteomicsInformation
12CMP050 - Separation TechniquesInformation
12CMP051 - Mass Spectrometry and Associated TechniquesInformation
12CMP052 - Atomic and Molecular SpectroscopyInformation
12CMP053 - Innovations in Analytical ScienceInformation
12CMP054 - Professional Skills for Chemical ScientistsInformation
12CMP055 - Industrial Collaborative Research ProjectInformation
12CMP056 - Research Training ProjectInformation
12CMP057 - Separation TechniquesInformation
12CMP058 - Mass Spectrometry and Associated TechniquesInformation
12CMP059 - Pharmacokinetics and Drug MetabolismInformation
12CMP060 - Drug Targets, Drug Design and Drug SynthesisInformation
12CMP061 - Environmental RadiochemistryInformation
12CMP062 - Spectroscopy and Structural AnalysisInformation
12CMP063 - Professional Skills and DissertationInformation
12CMP064 - Innovations in Analytical ScienceInformation
12CMZ001 - MSc Programmes in Chemistry
12CMZ001META - MSc Programmes in Chemistry
12CMZ003 - Chemistry LaboratoriesSelf enrolment
12CMZ004 - Communication SkillsSelf enrolment

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