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Chemical Engineering - Department InformationInformation
12CGA001 - Fluid Mechanics I MEng & BEng StatusInformation
12CGA002 - Stagewise ProcessesInformation
12CGA004 - Chemical Engineering Laboratory MEng & BEng StatusInformation
12CGA005 - Chemical & Biochemical Processes MEng & BEng StatusInformation
12CGA006 - Heat TransferInformation
12CGA007 - Process Balances MEng & BEng StatusInformation
12CGA008 - Engineering ThermodynamicsInformation
12CGA011 - Mathematical Methods in Chemical EngineeringInformation
12CGA013 - Chemical Engineering and Society MEng & BEng StatusInformation
12CGB001 - Chemical Engineering DesignInformation
12CGB012 - Mass Transfer and SeparationsInformation
12CGB013 - Chemical ThermodynamicsInformation
12CGB014 - Instrumentation & ControlInformation
12CGB015 - Safety Loss Prevention & Environmental ControlInformation
12CGB017 - Reaction EngineeringInformation
12CGB018 - Plant EngineeringInformation
12CGB019 - Particle TechnologyInformation
12CGB020 - Process Systems EngineeringInformation
12CGB021 - Food EngineeringInformation
12CGB022 - Fluid Mechanics IIInformation
12CGC001 - Individual Process Design Project BEng StatusInformation
12CGC002 - Professional Development ProjectInformation
12CGC022 - Chemical Process Control BEng StatusInformation
12CGC024 - Biochemical Engineering BEng StatusInformation
12CGC028 - Process Economics & Design Optimisation BEng StatusInformation
12CGC033 - Research Project BEng StatusInformation
12CGC034 - Transfer Processes BEng StatusInformation
12CGC035 - Reaction Engineering BEng StatusInformation
12CGC037 - Dissertation BEng StatusInformation
12CGC038 - Team Process Design Project BEng StatusInformation
12CGC042 - Pollution Control BEng StatusInformation
12CGC044 - Dissertation MEng StatusInformation
12CGC046 - Literature SurveyInformation
12CGC047 - Chemical Process Control MEng StatusInformation
12CGC051 - Transfer Processes MEng statusInformation
12CGC052 - Reaction Engineering MEng statusInformation
12CGC053 - Process Economics and Design Optimisation MEng StatusInformation
12CGC055 - Individual Process Design Project - (BEng EP status)Information
12CGC057 - Research Project (BEng EP status)Information
12CGC058 - Research Methods MEng StatusInformation
12CGC958 - Research Methods BEng StatusInformation
12CGD045 - Individual Process Design Project MEng StatusInformation
12CGD046 - Team Process Design Project MEng StatusInformation
12CGD058 - FiltrationInformation
12CGD059 - Chemical Product DesignInformation
12CGD062 - Downstream ProcessingInformation
12CGD067 - Colloid Engineering and Nano-scienceInformation
12CGD068 - Analytical and Modelling PracticeInformation
12CGD069 - Advanced Biochemical EngineeringInformation

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