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12MMD601 - Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Technology 2Information
12MMD606 - Additive Manufacturing and Reverse EngineeringInformation
12MMD802 - Computational Fluid Dynamics 2Information
12MMD900 - MechatronicsInformation
12MMD902 - Laser and Optical MeasurementsInformation
12MMD950 - Enterprise TechnologyInformation
12MMD950_2 - Enterprise TechnologyInformation
12MMF110 - Introduction to Engineering Science: Applied MechanicsInformation
12MMF111 - Introduction to Engineering Science: Energy and PowerInformation
12MMF501 - Design and Manufacture of Consumer ProductsInformation
12MMI001 - Industrial Training Placement (DIS, non credit bearing)Information
12MMI002 - Industrial Training Placement (DPS, non credit bearing)Information
12MMI003 - Overseas Academic/Industrial Placement(DIntS,non credit bearing)Information
12MMP102 - Experimental MechanicsInformation
12MMP103 - Simulation of Advanced Materials and ProcessesInformation
12MMP104 - Automation and Virtual EngineeringInformation
12MMP130 - Structural AnalysisInformation
12MMP205 - Lean and Agile ManufactureInformation
12MMP212 - Engineering Management ProjectInformation
12MMP233 - Lean and Agile ManufactureInformation
12MMP237 - Engineering Management and Business StudiesInformation
12MMP250 - Marketing for EngineersInformation
12MMP256 - Quality ManagementInformation
12MMP260 - Business StrategyInformation
12MMP263 - Operations ManagementInformation
12MMP330 - Product Information Systems - Product Lifecycle ManagementInformation
12MMP331 - Computer Aided EngineeringInformation
12MMP403 - Design of Machine ElementsInformation
12MMP405 - Engineering Design MethodsInformation
12MMP409 - Sustainable Development: The Engineering ContextInformation
12MMP420 - Life-cycle AssessmentInformation
12MMP421 - Environmental Management Standards, Legislation and DirectivesInformation
12MMP422 - Waste Management and Product RecoveryInformation
12MMP423 - Sustainable Energy SystemsInformation
12MMP434 - Product Design and Human FactorsInformation
12MMP437 - Sustainable Product DesignInformation
12MMP438 - The Innovation Process and Project ManagementInformation
12MMP455 - Engineering Design MethodsInformation
12MMP460 - Design for AssemblyInformation
12MMP500 - Major Project (Part-time)Information
12MMP501 - Major Project (Full-time)Information
12MMP504 - Major Project (part-time)Information
12MMP554 - Individual ProjectInformation
12MMP560 - Technical Research ProjectInformation
12MMP561 - Management Research ProjectInformation
12MMP570 - Research Project Portfolio: Part 1Information
12MMP571 - Research Project Portfolio: Part 2Information
12MMP600 - Advanced Manufacturing Processes and TechnologyInformation
12MMP602 - Manufacturing Systems and Integrated DesignInformation
12MMP637 - Additive ManufacturingInformation

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