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12SSC208 - Crime PreventionInformation
12SSC215 - Children, Young People and Risk
12SSC218 - Human Rights and Civil LibertiesInformation
12SSC221 - VictimologyInformation
12SSC232 - Criminology and Social Policy in Action: Social Movements, Public Protest and Social ChangeInformation
12SSC299 - Criminology and Social Policy Project DissertationInformation
12SSC317 - Critical Viewings 3: DocumentaryInformation
12SSC319 - Digital Media and SocietyInformation
12SSC360 - The Media in Global ContextInformation
12SSC364 - Persuasion and CommunicationInformation
12SSC365 - Youth Culture and MediaInformation
12SSC366 - Promotional Culture: Advertising, Public Relations and SocietyInformation
12SSC399 - Communication & Media Studies Project DissertationInformation
12SSI001 - Diploma in Professional Studies Placement (DPS, Non credit bearing)Information
12SSI002 - Diploma in International Studies Placement (DIntS, Non credit bearing)Information
12SSI003 - Diploma in Industrial Studies Placement (DIS, Non credit bearing)Information
12SSP301 - Media and ModernityInformation
12SSP302 - Media & Cultural Industries: Political Economy & Public PolicyInformation
12SSP303 - The Politics of RepresentationInformation
12SSP305 - Digital Futures: Explorations in New MediaInformation
12SSP316 - Media and Cultural Work: Inequality and Discrimination in the Creative IndustriesInformation
12SSP317 - Production and Reception AnalysisInformation
12SSP318 - Digital EconomiesInformation
12SSP319 - Digital CulturesInformation
12SSP321 - Sex Industries, Feminism and Women's MovementsInformation
12SSP322 - Capitalism and CultureInformation
12SSP323 - Marketing PoliticsInformation
12SSP324 - Cultural Memory and the Heritage IndustriesInformation
12SSP397 - Dissertation in Digital Media and SocietyInformation
12SSP398 - Dissertation in Global Media and Cultural IndustriesInformation
12SSP399 - DissertationInformation
12SSP503 - Textual Analysis Research TechniquesInformation
12SSP505 - Media EthnographiesInformation
Postgraduate ResearchSelf enrolmentInformation
SSB101-A - Historical and Conceptual Issues
SSB101-B - Qualitative Research Methods
SSB101-C - Quantitative Research Methods
SSB101-D - Studying Human Interaction

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