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12SSB098_2 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
12SSB099 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
12SSB099_2 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
12SSB101 - Methods and Ideas in PsychologyInformation
12SSB113 - Gender and Psychology (10 wgt version)Information
12SSB131 - Social Psychology, Media and the Moving ImageInformation
12SSB132 - Developmental PsychologyInformation
12SSB133 - Cognitive PsychologyInformation
12SSB134 - Biological PsychologyInformation
12SSB135 - Individual Differences and PersonalityInformation
12SSB138 - Forensic PsychologyInformation
12SSB201 - Criminological TheoryInformation
12SSB202 - Equal Opportunities and DiversityInformation
12SSB203 - Operational Policing IssuesInformation
12SSB208 - Crime PreventionInformation
12SSB215 - Children, Young People and Risk (10 wgt version)Information
12SSB218 - Human Rights and Civil Liberties (10 wgt version)Information
12SSB221 - VictimologyInformation
12SSB301 - Communication, Media and Cultural TheoryInformation
12SSB302 - Researching Communications and Media 2Information
12SSB317 - Critical Viewings: FilmInformation
12SSB360 - The Media in Global ContextInformation
12SSB364 - Persuasion and CommunicationInformation
12SSB365 - Youth Culture and MediaInformation
12SSB366 - Promotional Culture: Advertising, Public Relations and SocietyInformation
12SSB391 - Communication, Media and Cultural Theory A (Erasmus)Information
12SSB392 - Communication, Media and Cultural Theory B (Erasmus)Information
12SSB393 - Researching Communications and Media 2A (Erasmus)Information
12SSB394 - Researching Communications and Media 2B (Erasmus)Information
12SSB395 - Theory and Methods A (Erasmus)Information
12SSB396 - Theory and Methods B (Erasmus)Information
12SSB397 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
12SSB397_2 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
12SSB398 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
12SSB398_2 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
12SSB399 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
12SSB399_2 - Study Abroad Module (Erasmus)Information
12SSC013 - Sociology of TourismInformation
12SSC020 - Race and Racism in Modern SocietyInformation
12SSC023 - Sociology of ReligionInformation
12SSC026 - Sociological PracticeInformation
12SSC028 - Nationalism and CosmopolitanismInformation
12SSC099 - Sociology Project DissertationInformation
12SSC113 - Gender and PsychologyInformation
12SSC131 - Social Psychology, Media and the Moving ImageInformation
12SSC136 - Advanced Social Psychology AInformation
12SSC137 - Advanced Social Psychology BInformation
12SSC138 - Forensic PsychologyInformation
12SSC199 - Social Psychology Project DissertationInformation
12SSC203 - Operational Policing IssuesInformation

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