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School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences - Department InformationInformation
12PS223META - Human EvolutionSelf enrolmentInformation
12PSA001 - Teaching and Coaching 1Information
12PSA002 - Fitness & TrainingInformation
12PSA003 - IT for Sport and Exercise SciencesInformation
12PSA004 - Analysis & Performance in GymnasticsInformation
12PSA011 - Sport, Exercise and Health PedagogiesInformation
12PSA020 - Exercise PhysiologyInformation
12PSA024 - Introduction to Sociology of SportInformation
12PSA026 - Foundations of Sport and Exercise PsychologyInformation
12PSA028 - Biomechanics of SportInformation
12PSA041 - Olympic StudiesInformation
12PSA044 - The Sport IndustriesInformation
12PSA100 - Teaching and Coaching (E1)Information
12PSA201 - Anatomy & Physiology 1Information
12PSA202 - Anatomy & Physiology 2Information
12PSA203 - Genetics and Cell BiologyInformation
12PSA208 - Basic BiochemistryInformation
12PSA210 - Introduction to Human Evolution & AdaptationInformation
12PSA211 - Human Biology and SocietyInformation
12PSA212 - HomeostasisInformation
12PSA301 - Introductory NeuroscienceInformation
12PSA302 - Professions in PsychologyInformation
12PSA305 - Basic Developmental PsychologyInformation
12PSA307 - Social and Cultural PsychologiesInformation
12PSA308 - Basic Biological PsychologyInformation
12PSA310 - Basic Experimental PsychologyInformation
12PSA311 - Study Skills for PsychologyInformation
12PSA314 - Psychology: Shaping the DisciplineInformation
12PSA351 - Psychology PracticalsInformation
12PSA405 - Data Analysis in Human BiologyInformation
12PSB001 - Teaching and Coaching 2Information
12PSB002 - Structural KinesiologyInformation
12PSB005 - Research Skills B1Information
12PSB006 - Research Skills B2Information
12PSB010 - Sport and Exercise PedagogyInformation
12PSB011 - Sport and Exercise Pedagogy (E1)Information
12PSB015 - Sport, Ideologies and ValuesInformation
12PSB021 - Exercise Physiology 2 (E1)Information
12PSB022 - Exercise BiochemistryInformation
12PSB024 - Making Sense of Modern SportInformation
12PSB026 - Psycho-Social Factors in Competitive SportInformation
12PSB027 - Acquiring Movement SkillsInformation
12PSB028 - Methods of Analysis in Sports BiomechanicsInformation
12PSB029 - Biomechanics of Sports MovementsInformation
12PSB02META - Research SkillsInformation
12PSB030 - Critical Inquiry in Physical Activity and HealthInformation
12PSB031 - Psychological Issues and Strategies in SportInformation
12PSB044 - Sport Policy and Politics in Culturally Diverse SocietiesInformation
12PSB04META - Making Sense of Modern SportInformation

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