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12MAB303 - Mathematics BInformation
12MAB309 - Mathematics for Materials 2Information
12MAC003 - Overseas Study Placement (Semester 1)Information
12MAC104 - English Language 1Information
12MAC131 - The use of technology in the learning and teaching of mathematicsInformation
12MAC147 - Number TheoryInformation
12MAC148 - Introduction to Dynamical SystemsInformation
12MAC149 - Mathematical Methods for Differential EquationsInformation
12MAC150 - Inviscid Fluid MechanicsInformation
12MAC171 - Statistical MethodsInformation
12MAC175 - Operational ResearchInformation
12MAC176 - Graph TheoryInformation
12MAC180 - Discrete Stochastic Methods in FinanceInformation
12MAC197 - Introduction to Differential GeometryInformation
12MAC200 - Mathematics ReportInformation
12MAC204 - English Language 2Information
12MAC241 - Applied Complex AnalysisInformation
12MAC246 - Metric SpacesInformation
12MAC249 - Linear Differential EquationsInformation
12MAC251 - Vibrations and WavesInformation
12MAC260 - Elliptic CurvesInformation
12MAC272 - Random Processes and Time Series AnalysisInformation
12MAC280 - Continuous Stochastic Methods in Finance
12MAC297 - Mathematical BiologyInformation
12MAC298 - Elements of TopologyInformation
12MAC300 - BSc Mathematics ProjectInformation
12MAC301 - BSc Mathematics Project (Shandong programme)Information
12MAC330 - BSc Mathematics Education ProjectInformation
12MAD102 - Regular and Chaotic DynamicsInformation
12MAD103 - Lie Groups and Lie AlgebrasInformation
12MAD202 - Nonlinear WavesInformation
12MAD203 - Functional AnalysisInformation
12MAD300 - MMath Mathematics ProjectInformation
12MAF001 - Applicable Mathematics 1Information
12MAF002 - Applicable Mathematics 2Information
12MAI001 - Professional Training Placement (DPS, non credit bearing)Information
12MAI002 - Overseas Study Placement (Semester 1 and 2), (DIntS non credit bearing)Information
12MAP102 - Programming and Numerical MethodsInformation
12MAP104 - Introduction to Measure Theory and MartingalesInformation
12MAP111 - Mathematical Modelling IInformation
12MAP114 - Stochastic Models in FinanceInformation
12MAP201 - Elements of PDEsInformation
12MAP202 - Static and Dynamic OptimisationInformation
12MAP204 - Stochastic Calculus and Theory of Stochastic PricingInformation
12MAP211 - Mathematical Modelling IIInformation
12MAP213 - Fluid MechanicsInformation
12MAP300 - Research ProjectInformation
12MAZ700META - Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics Support and Dyslexia/Dyscalculia in FE/HESelf enrolmentInformation
12MAZDPS - Professional PlacementsSelf enrolmentInformation
12MAZMPTW - MEC Postgraduate Training WorkshopsSelf enrolmentInformation

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