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12PHD188 - Physics Research ProjectInformation
12PHD189 - Physics Research ProjectInformation
12PHD205 - Elementary Particle PhysicsInformation
12PHD230 - Quantum ComputingInformation
12PHD401 - Superconductivity and NanoscienceInformation
12PHF103 - Practical Business Skills for Engineers and ScientistsInformation
12PHF110 - Basic Physics and MaterialsInformation
12PHF210 - Physics 2Information
12PHI001 - Industrial Training Placement (DIS,non credit bearing)Information
12PHI002 - ERASMUS Placement (DIntS,non credit bearing)Information
12PHP100 - Mathematical Methods for Interdisciplinary SciencesInformation
12PHP101 - Internet & Complex Networks in Nature & SocietyInformation
12PHP105 - Quantum PhenomenaInformation
12PHP180 - Context of Experimental ResearchInformation
12PHP181 - Context of Theoretical ResearchInformation
12PHP380 - Experimental Research ProjectInformation
12PHP381 - Theoretical Research ProjectInformation
12PHP382 - Experimental Research Project BInformation
12PHP383 - Theoretical Research Project BInformation
12PHZ001 - Finding a Physics DIS placement
12PHZ002 - PhysicsMateInformation
12PHZ230META - Quantum ComputingInformation

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