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12MPD105_2 - Advanced Materials DissertationInformation
12MPD106 - Realisation and CommercialisationInformation
12MPD110 - Masters ProjectInformation
12MPD113 - Design and Engineering Materials Masters ProjectInformation
12MPF001 - Materials & Materials ProcessingInformation
12MPI001 - Industrial Training Placement (DIS, non credit bearing)Information
12MPP010 - MSc Project (Full-time)Information
12MPP020 - Project (Part-time)Information
12MPP163 - Industrial Case StudiesInformation
12MPP501 - Polymer PropertiesInformation
12MPP502 - Polymer ScienceInformation
12MPP503 - Polymerisation and Polymer BlendsInformation
12MPP504 - Polymer Process EngineeringInformation
12MPP505 - Plastics Processing TechnologyInformation
12MPP506 - Plastics and Composites ApplicationsInformation
12MPP507 - Polymer CharacterisationInformation
12MPP508 - Rubber Compounding and ProcessingInformation
12MPP551 - Advanced Characterisation TechniquesInformation
12MPP552 - Design with Engineering MaterialsInformation
12MPP553 - Surface EngineeringInformation
12MPP554 - Ceramics: Processing and PropertiesInformation
12MPP555 - Metals: Processing and PropertiesInformation
12MPP556 - Materials ModellingInformation
12MPP558 - Sustainable Use of MaterialsInformation
12MPP559 - Adhesive BondingInformation
12MPP563 - Industrial Case StudiesInformation
12MPP601 - Polymer Properties (DL)Information
12MPP602 - Polymer Science (DL)Information
12MPP603 - Polymerisation and Polymer Blends (DL)Information
12MPP606 - Plastics and Composites Applications (DL)Information
12MPP608 - Rubber Compounding and Processing (DL)Information
12MPP652 - Design with Engineering Materials (DL)Information
12MPP653 - Surface Engineering (DL)Information
12MPP654 - Ceramics: Processing and Properties (DL)Information
12MPP655 - Metals: Processing and Properties (DL)Information
12MPP658 - Sustainable Use of Materials (DL)Information
12MPP660 - Marketing (DL)Information
12MPP801 - Research Project Portfolio: Part 1Information
12MPP802 - Research Project Portfolio: Part 2Information
12MPP601_6 - Polymer Properties (DL)Information
12MPP601_51 - Polymer Properties (DL)Information
12MPP601_52 - Polymer Properties (DL)Information

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