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Materials - Department InformationInformation
12MPA016 - ProjectInformation
12MPA016_2 - ProjectInformation
12MPA100 - Materials and Processing for DesignersInformation
12MPA101 - Skills for MaterialsInformation
12MPA102 - ExperimentationInformation
12MPA103 - Introduction to MaterialsInformation
12MPA104 - Introduction to Product Design and Materials SelectionInformation
12MPA105 - Thermodynamics and Phase EquilibriaInformation
12MPA106 - Design ErgonomicsInformation
12MPA108 - Mechanics of MaterialsInformation
12MPB003 - Materials Literature SurveyInformation
12MPB013 - Automotive Crash ProtectionInformation
12MPB021 - Academic Skills for Materials EngineeringInformation
12MPB022 - English for Materials EngineeringInformation
12MPB023 - ExperimentationInformation
12MPB101 - Processing and Structure of Metals and CeramicsInformation
12MPB102 - Processing and Structure of PolymersInformation
12MPB103 - Materials Characterisation and MechanicsInformation
12MPB104 - Advanced Materials CharacterisationInformation
12MPB105 - Electrochemical TechnologyInformation
12MPB106 - Packaging DesignInformation
12MPB107 - Product DesignInformation
12MPB108 - Visual DesignInformation
12MPB109 - Product DesignInformation
12MPB202 - Polymer Processing and Applications (DT)Information
12MPC012 - Polymer Engineering - Processing and ManufactureInformation
12MPC013 - Polymers and ApplicationsInformation
12MPC014 - Materials in ServiceInformation
12MPC016 - ProjectInformation
12MPC022 - Materials Properties and ApplicationsInformation
12MPC101 - Sustainability, Recycling and Environmental IssuesInformation
12MPC102 - Fracture and FailureInformation
12MPC103 - Industrial Case StudiesInformation
12MPC104 - Tomorrow's MaterialsInformation
12MPC105 - Legal Framework to the Design of Products and WorkplacesInformation
12MPC108 - Surface EngineeringInformation
12MPC109 - Designing for Vulnerable UsersInformation
12MPC110 - ProjectInformation
12MPC111 - Advanced Principles of MaterialsInformation
12MPC113 - Design and Engineering Materials ProjectInformation
12MPC114 - Composite MaterialsInformation
12MPC118 - Product Design and FailureInformation
12MPC120 - Vehicle and Component DesignInformation
12MPC123 - Automotive Crash ProtectionInformation
12MPD014 - Polymer Engineering - Properties and DesignInformation
12MPD101 - Group Design ProjectInformation
12MPD102 - Industrial Case StudiesInformation
12MPD103 - Tomorrow's MaterialsInformation
12MPD105 - Advanced Materials DissertationInformation

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