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12ISP425 - Culture and Change ManagementInformation
12ISP427 - Managing Projects: Managing KnowledgeInformation
12ISP428 - Digital CurationInformation
12ISP430 - Collection Management and PreservationInformation
12ISP431 - Information Law, Policy and SocietyInformation
12ISP432 - Information Needs and Information LiteracyInformation
12ISP433 - Information Organisation and RetrievalInformation
12ISP434 - Management and Marketing of Information ServicesInformation
12ISP483 - Project Management and LeadershipInformation
12ISP484 - Information and Social Network AnalysisInformation
12ISP485 - Supporting Collaborative Work through TechnologyInformation
12ISP486 - Information Management and Semantic TechnologyInformation
12ISP487 - Principles of Information and Knowledge ManagementInformation
12ISP488 - Management of IT SystemsInformation
12ISP501 - Information Retrieval for Knowledge ManagementInformation
12ISP503 - Information ArchitectureInformation
12ISP506 - Database Structure and DesignInformation
12ISP508 - Web Design and Web AnalyticsInformation
12ISP509 - Business Intelligence and AnalysisInformation
12ISP535 - Research ManagementInformation
12ISP600 - DissertationInformation
12ISP601 - Dissertation p-tInformation
12ISP700 - Dissertation IMBTInformation
12ISP701 - Dissertation IMBT PTInformation
12ISZ001 - Teaching Information Literacy
12ISP600_2 - DissertationInformation
12ISP700_3 - Dissertation IMBTInformation
12ISP700_2 - Dissertation IMBTInformation
12ISP600_3 - DissertationInformation

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