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Information Science - Department InformationInformation
12ISA301 - Graphic Design and Desktop PublishingInformation
12ISA401 - Introduction to E-BusinessInformation
12ISA410 - Knowledge, Data and Information in SocietyInformation
12ISA411 - Knowledge, Data and Information in OrganisationsInformation
12ISA412 - Web DesignInformation
12ISA413 - Information & Knowledge Organisation and RetrievalInformation
12ISA414 - Introduction to Publishing and BooksellingInformation
12ISA416 - Publishing LawInformation
12ISA417 - Studying PublishingInformation
12ISB006 - Subject Analysis & IndexingInformation
12ISB010 - Research MethodsInformation
12ISB025 - Information RetrievalInformation
12ISB026 - Marketing and EditingInformation
12ISB027 - Publishing Design and ProductionInformation
12ISB200 - Advanced Web DesignInformation
12ISB301 - Informatics and SystemsInformation
12ISB302 - Systems ModellingInformation
12ISB303 - Database DesignInformation
12ISB304 - Information and Knowledge Management 1Information
12ISB306 - Human Resource ManagementInformation
12ISB402 - E-Business Management and StrategyInformation
12ISB404 - People-Centred Information Service DesignInformation
12ISC002 - ProjectInformation
12ISC003 - Web ProjectInformation
12ISC017 - Legal & Professional IssuesInformation
12ISC025 - Information and Knowledge Management in the NHSInformation
12ISC045 - The Child and the BookInformation
12ISC047 - Consumer Health InformationInformation
12ISC200 - Information ArchitectureInformation
12ISC201 - The Social WebInformation
12ISC311 - Gender & InformationInformation
12ISC312 - The Magazine BusinessInformation
12ISC315 - Electronic Information Use and ManagementInformation
12ISC318 - Information and Knowledge Management 2Information
12ISC324 - The Book TradeInformation
12ISC330 - Culture and Change ManagementInformation
12ISC331 - Strategic Planning and MarketingInformation
12ISC334 - Managing Projects: Managing KnowledgeInformation
12ISC335 - Markup Languages for the WebInformation
12ISC336 - Social InformaticsInformation
12ISC339 - Business Information SystemsInformation
12ISC400 - Information RetrievalInformation
12ISI001 - Industrial Training Placement (DPS, non credit bearing)Information
12ISP310 - Leadership and Change ManagementInformation
12ISP411 - Gender and InformationInformation
12ISP413 - Information and Knowledge Management in the NHSInformation
12ISP414 - Information Services and LibrariesInformation
12ISP418 - The Child and the BookInformation
12ISP420 - Consumer Health InformationInformation

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