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12EAC109 - Romantic Writings 1815-1832Information
12EAC206 - ClarissaInformation
12EAC214 - Maps and Motors: The Writing PortfolioInformation
12EAC220 - Adaptation for StageInformation
12EAC221 - Applied Drama 1Information
12EAC222 - Writing for PerformanceInformation
12EAC223 - Adaptation for ScreenInformation
12EAC224 - Applied Drama 2Information
12EAC225 - Dance Theatre: Foundations and PracticeInformation
12EAC226 - The Dreams and Nightmares of Lars von TrierInformation
12EAC227 - Myth and History: Milton's Paradise LostInformation
12EAC228 - Modern Subjects: Hardy, Conrad, WoolfInformation
12EAC229 - Neo-VictorianismInformation
12EAC502 - Theatre Practice 2Information
12EAC506 - Empires on Stage: Postcolonial DramaInformation
12EAC507 - El Teatro CampesinoInformation
12EAC508 - Unbalancing Acts: The Theatre of Richard ForemanInformation
12EAC516 - Bollywood! Bollywood!Information
12EAC900 - Analysing Work Experience in the Creative IndustriesInformation
12EAC900_2 - Analysing Work Experience in the Creative IndustriesInformation
12EAC912 - Costume DesignInformation
12EAP001 - DiversionsInformation
12EAP002 - DeparturesInformation
12EAP003 - Victorian ViewsInformation
12EAP005 - Modern and Contemporary Texts in PerformanceInformation
12EAP006 - Special Subject 1Information
12EAP007 - Special Subject 2Information
12EAP010 - Research MethodsInformation
12EAP010_2 - Research MethodsInformation
12EAP011 - History, Nation & DifferenceInformation
12EAP012 - Modernist and Contemporary GenresInformation
12EAP013 - The American Novel NowInformation
12EAP014 - Renaissance Playhouse PracticeInformation
12EAP018 - DissertationInformation
12EAP020 - Early-Modern Texts in PerformanceInformation
12EAP021 - Early-Modern Contexts: Power, Gender, Religion and RaceInformation
12EAP023 - Writing and the English RevolutionInformation
12EAP024 - Restoration WritingsInformation
12EAP027 - Court CulturesInformation
12EAP028 - History and History Plays: Description, Desire & PrescriptionInformation
12EAP029 - (Im)politeness: theories and applicationsInformation
12EAP032 - Virtual NarrativesInformation
12EAP036 - Radical DirectionsInformation
12EAP041 - Discourse as Social PracticeInformation
12EAP042 - The 20th-Century European NovelInformation
12EAP045 - Critical ThinkingInformation
12EAP046 - PerspectivesInformation
12EAP047 - Exploring the Early-Modern BodyInformation
12EAP048 - Reading American PoetryInformation
12EAP049 - Texts in Performance: ContextsInformation

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